Last kopek for Blue Bears

Posted by mizzura on Saturday, July 10, 2010. Filed under:

Yesterday i went to Blue Cube. To redeem another two blue bears. The Bearzil and Bearitalia loooosssser. [Fans dont get mad with me].

.:: Meet the team ::.

I love my blue bears collection chooo much!! How dare you Englbear claimed me as Cruel type of Sista. Maybe im not that kind of person like my dad who keep his Blue Bears [OMG my dad collecting this too??!] in that ikea glass door cabinet. [my mom really angry with this "bluwey furry" things - semak jer]

But, at least i let you free, meet with other beary-beary, lepak on my bed and whatsoever not like others who still in the plastic. Shame on you Englbear!!

Oh this 2 days will be a dub dab dub dab to yeberibadi. See what happened at my office yesterday. Vote goes to Holland or Spain?????

.:: The Loser support the Next Winner ::.

Oh btw, i forgot to redeem my Spain lor...! Should i??


5 Responses to Last kopek for Blue Bears

  1. kenwooi

    i dont even bother getting the bears.. kinda cute though.. =P

  2. fiD

    bearspain will win, yah! just ready to sad ya siz! ahakz!

  3. mizzura

    Hi kenwooi:
    Yalaa...after world cup...dont know waht to do with all this bluwey furry things.

    Hi fiD:

  4. CaDLyNN

    puas tangkap gamba kt the team tu..hahahaha...
    kalo taktau nk wat pe after WC bakmai kat aku..
    adik2 aku ramai nak main ngn blue bear tu.hahaha

  5. CaDLyNN

    ouh lupe...spain will winnnnnnnnnn... :)

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