My Version of Grooming Tips

Owh... is that means the highest tip$$ I ever give to a bridegroom? *Huh. Stop writing nonsense*

Orite, let me share one of my version of grooming tips that covers your personal hygiene and appropriate dressing etc.

1st – Diva Looks
It’s compulsory! to have a Diva feeling whenever you wanna look great. No need for me to explain further on the beauty regime, makeup, your attire and so on. Once you have that feeling, it will burst the inner you to be like that so-called great Diva looks *Diva looks ok, not attitude*. (Reminder – Diva in your own definition. Do not obsess kay)

.:: She just finish her manicure and armpit waxing ::.

2nd - Grade A People.
Ever wonder how Grade A superstar walk? Oh they walk with confident. Say if you’re having job interview or Project Alpha audition, you must-must walk with super duper confident to grab the people impression for their first time. Though suddenly you fall down, they will remember you for the whole of their life. Isn’t it worthwhile? (*_-) Kidding!
Don’t be silly to follow the bad one. OMG, do I need to teach you which one is good and bad? You know better mah..

.:: Comparison of Standing style of Grade A people against Grade B+ people ::.

3rd - Killing me softly with his voice.
I’m not asking you to sing, but voice up yourself. Be kind and friendly like Princess Rania of Jordan or maybe a lil bit chicky like Hannah Montana with her fans. Sure people will like to know you more. A simple greet is enough and no need for you to tell everything e.g. like you’re one of the blogger who submit the instant cash blog topic. Pheww.

4th - Smelling Good People
Last, the top priority is stinky no-no. See when you need to meet people, you and they must comfortable each other. Gurls, check the Adidas Action 3 for ladies. It long-last for 24hrs and smells nice too* gosh no need to borrow my lil brother Action3 anymore*. Me likes all variants. How about you?

.:: I convince you i smell good with Adidas Action 3 ::.

Haa..?Am i that lucky 50th person?

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by
Adidas Action 3
and supported by
P1 and MAS

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  1. haaa i can;t stand body odour! hahaha tetiba ;-)

  2. To Drama Mama:

    ohh sure...drama mama must smells like a diva..ahaha..harus yeww...!!


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