I Just Love Good Smelling People

Good smelling pupil?? Oopss..i mean PEOPLE..!!

What would be on your mind when talking about good smelling people???
Can Delicious DKNY, Daisy Marc Jacob, Versace*name it* cover the bad smells
especially when you in sweet summer SWEAT?? - CANNOT -  trust me!

Branded does not working??
Nop but imagine the Scents+Toxins = OMG STinky….

.:: run-run..she smells like &%#@ ::.

No matter what.


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My mum who loves cook & my dad who always lend a hand

.:: mum can you cook pizza tonite, dad can you fetch me after work – pliz..pliz.. ::.

My sibling who loves bikin kecoh

.:: from left si kecoh,si murai,si potpet,si bebel & siporakperanda ::.

My BFF since we learn ABC who loves lepak-lepak

.:: Aiyo..how to lepak, our fav maple sudah bankrap-tutup kedai ::.

My BFF since university who loves gossips

.:: See..gossip girl still got times to chika-chika ::.

My Sweetheart manisjantung who love me so much muchier muchiest! (*_-)
(and i love your smell too..xoxo)

.:: is that much, muchier & muchiest ::.

Bro: Err..sista, what eva it is..u still smell stinky !!

Sista: What?? Do I care ada aku kisah !!

 Bro : But I can borrow u my new adidas Action 3 deodorant spray 
flavour fresh that I bought rm16.90 at Jusco using your Jcard but 
you always get the point instead of me who suppose to get it.

If you don’t mine sis no problem to borrow mine..*jeer face*

Sista: Do I care ada aku kisah ???!!

Agree with my bro. 
When you met a lot of people, always concern of your body odor. 
Choose the 24hr protection like Adidas Action 3.


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

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  1. Owahhh...
    Semoga yg terbaik buat kamu:)

  2. hahah! love the 'ade aku kesah?!' face XD

  3. adiwarnatasya: Thanx!terbaik untuk kamu juga!

    Dict MFG : hoho...ada aku kesah..haha..


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