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Losing my phone!

Damn! For the first time I lost my hpone. It was lovely gift from my honey during my last birthday. aching find the thing. It was on 16.14 when I withdraw some money at local petrol station. I put my handbag on the so call ‘table top’ infront of the atm machine. I open the zip; bring out my hp that was covered with quilted metallic purple casing. And later bring out the wallet. Upon successful of transaction, I put everything in without notice that my hp left there. Gosh…! What a clumiot (clumsy + i****t) person. 

After that, I directly start the engine and towards the post office that about less than 3km far. I press the button to get my Q resit, which was on 16.24. After fill in the ‘deposit’ form (ooh...byk duit) , I sat down smiling at the auntie next to me.  A minute later, I opened my handbag searching for my hp, than I noticed. “Eh, where izit?” I immediately went out to check weather it was in my car or not. Oh gosh, it was not there. To confirm I directly call my number…and…the sad think is that the hp already off. I quickly go back to the petrol station, aiming to the atm machine and as usual the hp was no longer statically laying there... That time is about 16.34 maybe...or less... Before I arrive there, I almost crying and screaming in the car. 

To make myself firm, I ask the worker there if they aware of my hp. As usual the answer is....’NO’ sad... Ohh I still remember that I have previous hp, the weird N3660 with round shape at the bottom. I better hurry buy a new sim, and try to contact my number frequently. Aiyoo... it still in the festive mood, the Chinese still close their shop.huh….argh... try again call using the public phone, somewhere at the end of the shop, near the kru commuter station… upset. I’m back home and use my mandate to borrow my younger bro hp including the course the eldest sis will do that. 

Try to call the celcom centre careline looking for hope...the sad think is, they only manage to deactivate my sim no. After 2 weeks, than im able to activate the new sim with old no. So funny, when I ask them, ‘hey my phone and sim is 3G, can you locate it...They said no or else they will easily beat their if they got that service it cost about rm3k..Gosh...more than the price of the hp...but because the ‘gift’ is is not my concern. Huh...then I try to call the nokia careline, because...luckily I already registered my model at nokia website. What a surprise...they provide u an alert to all nokia centres on this model provided u gives the imei/serial’s good, at least we can detect. 

But I was thinking, how the guy who inaccidently take my hp did not visit the nokia centre…nvmd, at least you try. On the evening my 2nd bro back from his work n I report the bad news... immediately he said, what so difficult, just request to view the CCTV. For sure they have CCTV... yalaa...I didn’t think of that. As an asst mngr at his 24hr serbaneka shop, he is very familiar with this case. So around 20.30, we go back to the petrol station, and discuss with the guy there, call the manager who the only allow to se the CCTV. Luckily he willing to help, or else I need to make a police report to view the CCTV (as inform by my bro).  But still I need to wait for tomorrow as the mnger was not there. Ya Allah, hope to get good news... 

Lucky my honey, did not anger with me... (Maybe on the inner side...who know?)…but...what can I do, what is done is done...however, Win or lost no matter, important is good fight. I already try my best. On top of that, fortunately, I already synchronize all the data including the contact no. picture, movie, and song, to my laptop plus backup some more. I’m so sad...Extremely sad, even, I haven’t taken my meal yet. 

Date: 28th January 2009
Time : 23.33pm (hungrily, sadly, lonely missing my hp)

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